Nicholas Pocock 1740-1821 Published by Conway Maritime Press in association with the National Maritime Museum, London,  in 1986 Pocock was one of the key figures of English marine painting in the eighteenth century. His work is of special interest to maritime historians because, in addition to his his skill as a painter, he had spent many years as a merchant sea captain, and was later present as an observer at the Battle of the Glorious First of June. He used his seafaring experience to great effect and earned the confidence of many distinguished naval officers who became his patrons including Lord Samuel Hood, Lord Bridport, Sir Harry Neale, and the First Lord of the Admiralty Lord Barham. His most prestigious commission was to provide the principal illustrations for The Life of Admiral Lord Nelson, the official biography of Nelson by Clarke and McArthur. Drawing on much hitherto unpublished material David Cordingly provides a vivid and sympathetic portrait of the life of a talented and hardworking artist who went to great lengths to ensure that his pictures of naval actions were as accurate as possible. “David Cordingly of the department of pictures at the National Maritime Museum has produced an account of the life and work of a marine artist virtually ignored by the art world and which is satisfying in all ways. It provides a sympathetic appraisal of the work of a self-taught artist and sets this evaluation against both Pocock’s career at sea and as a successful artist, and against the mercantile and naval history of the period.” Alan Cameron in Lloyd’s List “David Cordingly has written a book that will appeal to the general reader, while making full scholarly use of his material. Comparisons are made with other artists working in the field, influences are suggested, and a fair, not over- enthusiastic assessment of Pocock’s art is given…this is an attractive, well- written, scholarly introduction to the life and work of a most interesting artist.” Martin Butlin in The Burlington Magazine “David Cordingly’s masterly monograph adopts exactly the kind of positive approach which should be instrumental in reversing the lack of enthusiasm for Pocock’s work which I witnessed at an auction this summer….The market must surely reappraise its attitude to Pocock’s work as a result of this publication and £12.95 seems very little to pay for such expert guidance.” Anne Bouillot in Antique Collectors’ Guide.