Ships and Seascapes An introduction to maritime prints, drawings and watercolours Published by Philip Wilson Publishers, London, in 1997 In this lavishly illustrated book David Cordingly, formerly Keeper of Pictures at the National Martime Museum, provides expert guidance on collecting and identifying maritime drawings and prints. He shows how to spot the difference between a woodcut and a wood engraving, between an engraving and an etching, and an aquatint and a mezzotint. He looks at the methods and materials used by marine artists working in watercolours and provides a sweeping historical survey of marine artists and printmakers from earliest times to the present day. He covers pictures of naval actions, voyages of discovery, fishing boats, shipwrecks and coastal scenery as well as pictures of steamships and the work of war artists in the two world wars of the twentieth century. There are drawings to help identify some of the most common types of ship to be found in 17th and 18th century pictures and a useful check list or artists and a glossary of printing terms.